If you love your pets and feel there’s a better way to keep them healthy…

What I Do
As an animal healer, I find quite frequently the owner is often super stressed.  I find it interesting how animals don’t usually get upset about their condition or situation, but owners do.  One of the things I do is support both of you.  
When you work with me, 
I do a full assessment for the animal and I work with you too. 

What you'll receive from me:

o  Empowering education for a healthy lifestyle 

o  Classes on supporting your pets holistically

o  In-person or distance healing sessions for your pet

o  Coaching on creating powerful health goals

o  Training for successful business goals 

For as long as I can remember I have loved horses.  This love has brought me to the beautiful work I do now.  An intricate weave between humans, animals, health, and nature, using essential oil therapy, sound therapy, nutritional guidance, and other modalities for both people and animals to include Healing Touch and Reiki techniques.

I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, and have traveled many places for the joy of adventure and unknowingly, life’s education.  
I love all things food and the yummy thought of trying a new dish in almost any country. 
Along the way, I have loved making new friends and sharing unexpected experiences.   
My international travels have also allowed me to support people and animals as I grow my business in other countries.

In my community where you'll find people who are committed to health and well-being for themselves and their families which includes their 4-leggeds!

I post about self- empowerment for health for people and animals

Over and over again I keep discovering that animals are our teachers.  Every day I get confirmation of this beautiful connection they have with us. They support us and it’s my belief they come to us for a unique purpose, through adoption, showing up on our doorstep, a friend’s puppy, a senior dog with no home, a once valued horse now in a kill pen...all sorts of ways.  And more importantly...

Through assessment, collaboration with the owner and a variety of healing techniques I offer hands-on and distance sessions to assist with the following:

  • Do you find your animal gets anxious when you leave the house?
  • Do you feel stressed when your animal is sick or injured?
  • Do you find your animal is timid or aggressive around other dogs or people?
  • Do you find your pet to be unusually timid or aggressive?
  • Are you or your pet experiencing grief or loss?
  • Is your pet experiencing illness or injury?
  • Do you have a new animal or person in your home and no one is getting along?
  • Is your pet marking in all the wrong places?
  • Do you find you or your pet are nervous or worried about an upcoming important competition?

    If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, I can help!